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I'm guessing that the plug they removed was for access to slide out the pivot rod that holds the butterfly/ throttle plate in place. I think you would have to remove the electronic side to see whether there is a manual (rough) adjuster for the throttle plate.

The noise you heard on the relearn was most likely the AIS cycling in and out rather than the throttle blade opening and closing, but I could be wrong about that, as I've never dealt with a DBW fully electronic TB before.

My experience when swapping the old TD's from 46mm to 52 or 58mm is that sometime it all works within the parameters of the tune and no issues, Or you have to close the throttle plate a little to bring down the idle because AIS can't compensate for how far open the throttle plate is, coming from a larger V-6 mtr.

Did Modern ask you Your specific TB, to send in for modifying? Maybe something slightly different in the mechanism that changed on the newer ones and need an ECU update to control properly.?

The catastrophic failure msg is kind of funny. ECU must think it's diesel and be in Fear of complete runaway idle!!!!!
Yeah, i was thinking the same thing about that plug as well. As for the adjustment... i can always contact them and ask if there is a way to adjust the open gap of the blade... you are probably right about the how open it is causing the CEL. That wouldnt surprise me at all!

Modern did NOT ask for my specific throttle body, except for if the new one worked then I would have sent them my OEM TB for a credit. But as for something changing... that also would not surprise me in the slightest if there are alterations in the mechanisms. There are so many differences between the 13 and 15 models... different evap system, different intake, different ecu, added sensors... I did however figure out a way to crack the ECU for tuning... BUT we are going to try it soon so I can't say much more about it.