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Electrical:Hard Wiring Radar Detector Thru Mirror

Ok I took my Mirror apart to see If I could get to the plug to Hard wire my Radar Detector. Actually pretty easy.

This is with the Bluetooth Mirror
The Plastic cover over the stem just splits apart.

Then you will see the plug.

Name:  mirror1 (Medium).JPG
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Pull the plug apart as seen in the picture and use a Quick connect wire you can get here:


You put the positive wire in the Pink/Yellow and the ground wire in the

Black/Green Wire. Just slide in the connectors where the wires go in to plug.

Name:  mirror2 (Medium).JPG
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I tucked the wires and fuse up into the headliner and left enough to plug into detector. Makes a clean stealth Install.

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Will power up when you turn on key.

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