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    possible turbo swap????

    This is a discussion on possible turbo swap???? within the Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo Engine Mods forums, part of the Dodge Dart 1.4L MultiAir Turbo category; Originally Posted by Spillage I guess we can dust off our Cosworth engines and enjoy them again ;-) Don't know about that, but ........ power ...

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    Thread: possible turbo swap????

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      Quote Originally Posted by Spillage View Post
      I guess we can dust off our Cosworth engines and enjoy them again ;-)
      Don't know about that, but ........ power to weight, increased aspiration on older skool displacements right from the factory on an NA and like always - forced induction for the higher cost insurance trims.
      I was born in the fifties, came of age in the 60's. That should give enough information to understand. Thank You, in advance!

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      Quote Originally Posted by dad's dart View Post
      Everything goes in "cycles", like fashion and foods, with the exception of the Global fascination of brain damage incurred by Football and in some areas of the world, Soccer.
      Having said that, look how long it's taken GM to eat Crow and accept the fact that DOHC's are better than Pushrods when it comes to all things Performance/efficiency/durability. Enter the 2018 Corvette (probably premium ZR1 due to cost recoup ) You see, Doctors will never find work shortages. But mechanical Engineers need to have new things to redesign every so many decades.
      Plain English: Turbocharging for fuel efficiency will be dead in 5 years. Turbocharging for extreme power won't suffer that fate but will go back to being mated to DOHC Thoroughbreds . Don't think for one second that Ford is teasing the world with a limited run new GT supercar with twin turbo'd V6 DOHC just for giggles. It's all about what the Government will allow engineers to do.
      Oh... almost forgot. That dang power-to-weight ratio thing again. But even THAT did not help Miata sales last year. Advice? I'd say don't mess with any of the multiair engines. For your own good.

      Oh, I don't know about all that now ... turbocharging has always been a boutique sort of thing, whether it's for power or fuel efficiency.

      And, speaking of engineers needing to redesign things every so often... I've got an old Briggs & Stratton kicking around in my garage, and some solenoids that I'm not doing anything with, and a couple blocks of aluminum and a mill and lathe, some CFD software, plus I know there's a bunch of arduino stuff and some 2000ppt encoders laying around, and I'm pretty sure I could come up with at least a 100cfm squirrel cage blower and probably a fuel injector ... Now I just need to have a few weeks of free time to play.


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